Shape Tape

I found another forgotten Tarte Product I use literally every day and forgot to review. Which is sad cause it’s become my go-to and favorite concealer. This is Tarte’s Shape Tape and my Product of the week. Purple box, if you remember from the foundation they are duplicates of this just bigger. This is actually […]

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Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

My 2nd unreviewed product was the other version of the Shape Tape foundation that came out.  This is the Hydrating foundation designed to make your skin look dewy, healthy and most importantly flawless while never greasy or cakey. This one is actually my favorite of the 2. Which surprised me cause at 1st I was all […]

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Shape Tape Matte Foundation

So I’m completely Terrible. I just realized last week that I have 3 really amazing Tarte products that I have not reviewed.  I use these on a  regular basis too, so I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with me. So this week I’m redeeming myself and reviewing all 3 of them for a […]

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