Skincare Sunday 6/20/21

Hello! Happy Father’s Day! I hope everyone has a great Sunday. I had the past 3 days off for my birthday so I was actually able to do some self-care and some skincare. I washed my face with Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser with my PMD Beauty Brush. Next, I used the Cheriott […]

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Skincare Sunday 6/13/21

Hiya, I know I haven’t done one of these in a couple of weeks. I caught a cold after my 2nd covid shot so I was in bed and then still kinda recovery the week after then just got busy. I forgot about it till it was already past Sunday so I just didn’t bother. […]

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Skincare Sunday 5/16/21

Hello! I actually did this one this morning as opposed to doing them on Saturday’s which is my Sunday but I was busy cleaning my house. I have been tearing apart, throwing everything I can away, and rearranging my whole house. My parents were packrats and I’ve finally decided it’s time to get rid of […]

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Skincare Sunday 4/25/21

Hello, I missed last week since I didn’t really have a chance to do anything and I was exhausted. I did this week and went a little crazy with it. Mainly cause my Ipsy back came later so I’m trying to test it. Also, I just got a Fenty Skin Start Kit to try so […]

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Skincare Sunday 4/11/21

Hiya! I’m not even going to lie to you. I did this one yesterday since Saturday has technically become my Sunday. So I have decided to do the full Skincare then that way I can type up the post and have it ready to go on Sunday. This also helps guarantee that I will actually […]

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Skincare Sunday 3/28/21

Hiya! I didn’t do a big Skincare Sunday since I started my 1st day of working on Sunday. So I’m gonna try and figure it out how that’s gonna work with like my 7am start time schedule. Acne Patches: there are a bunch of random ones on Amazon, none that I have tried are bad. […]

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Skincare Sunday 3/21/21

Hello! I had a headache yesterday so looking at this computer made it worst. Hence why this is late. Also, I didn’t do my skincare until later in the day after I showered cause I had the headache most the day. I finally got it to go away and got in a walk. I think […]

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