Stila One Step Correct

I have been sitting on this one for like months. I am not sure why. I ordered this when I started to explore Stila and this was actually this 1st thing I bought to try. I’ve been trying to find the perfect primer for months so expect a lot of those coming up. This stuff […]

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March’s Play! by Sephora

Let me go ahead and start off by saying I really dig this month’s bag. This is month’s theme is What’s your Festival Vibe? Which as we know music festivals season is starting to get into full swing so you need the tools to get you through it. This bag!!!!!  I love it so much! The […]

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Stila Color Balm Lipstick

I’m closing out this week with a lipstick balm….gloss… whatever you want to call it.  This is my Product of the week which is called a color balm lipstick. The name of it alone sparked my interested cause I had never heard of a lip product being called this. It’s a simple design, the Stila […]

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Stila Lip Glaze

I decided to stick with the theme of lip glosses this week. I  purchased this one on a whim. Ulta was having a Stila sale if you buy 3 or some much on products you got a free gift or I was trying to get free shipping. You know want I’m not entirely sure. The […]

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September Play! by Sephora

This months theme was Fall into Beauty, which I think is quite clever since it’s coming into fall. I really love this bag. It’s a pink silk bag with is lovely. Plus it’s got the phrase “a Change of Face”. It’s adorable and it’s a powerful statement of what make up can do. I feel […]

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