Sephora Play April 2020

Hi! Let’s finish out the last day of April. Cause tomorrow is gonna be May! You just sang that, didn’t you? Good, you should have. Here is the review of this month’s Sephora Play box! This month’s theme is the Class of 2020. Which is kind of sad since most graduations have been canceled for […]

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Ipsy April 2020

Hello, I know I have been MIA recently, mainly cause I’ve been sick out of my mind. Literally, I thought I was dying it was so bad. My head is clear now but I’m still playing catch up. Also, I have been slammed with work and I’m just mentally drained. Anyways moving on to the […]

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Ipsy March 2020

Hello! Here we are on what seems like the 80th day of March and the 40th of Quartine. I hope everyone is safe. I’m finishing the month with my subscription reviews and starting with Ipsy! This month’s theme is Celebrate You since this is Ispy’s 100th bag. They have been having giveaways. I have missed […]

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Feb 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag

This month’s theme is Feel the Love cause it’s Valentine’s and should you be in love and shit. So feel the love will ya? Here is the list of all the things in the bag. This pink velvet bag is something romantically and I’m into it.  Avette Water Flash Coconut Water Cream. This is a  […]

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December 19 Slam Crate

Hello, Here is the December Slam Crate which didn’t come till about the end of January hence while I’m reviewing it now. This month’s theme is Royal Rumble, you know since the Rumble was only a  couple weeks ago it worked out. Royal Rumble Sticker Set. These are stickers of the Royal Rumble Logo. We […]

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August 19 Slam Crate

Hiya. I have realized I haven’t reviewed any of the Slam Crates I have gotten recently. Honestly, I don’t know where they came since they have been a hit and miss with the delays. I think this is the August one which was SummerSlam themed from what I can find. There was no item card […]

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June 19 Slam Crate

Hello, I know this post is super delayed. Honestly, I forgot I hadn’t reviewed it. I was all over the place last year and I’m finally at a stable point so I’m purging my saved photos for posts. This is the June WWE Slam Crate which didn’t come until like August. These crates have been […]

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December Sephora Play

Happy New Years Eve!!!! I am finishing out the year with my review of the December Playbox. This month’s theme is Award-Worthy Beauty, which they usually do an end of the year wrap up theme. So, in this case, we get the Play! Awards which is good for the end of the year and award […]

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November Sephora Play Box

Hi, Let’s finish up this month with the play box. This month was better than the last month. However, I’m still gonna talk about the issue I have with it. Also, this review took longer cause I had to redo the pictures since I lost the originals. Also, work as sucked up most of my […]

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Sept Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello there, I’m starting off the last full week of this month with my subscription review. I only have  2  now which is so much easier. So let’s start with this month’s  Ipsy Glam Bag. This month’s theme is Find your Light which honestly with makeup you have to find what works for you and […]

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