Skincare Sunday 4/11/21

Hiya! I’m not even going to lie to you. I did this one yesterday since Saturday has technically become my Sunday. So I have decided to do the full Skincare then that way I can type up the post and have it ready to go on Sunday. This also helps guarantee that I will actually […]

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Skincare Sunday 1/17/2021

Hello. I’m back to working Tuesday through Saturdays so my week is thrown off. I actually did my skincare yesterday but just didn’t write the damn post. I’m going to. do better. I’m just tired. I was working 12 hr days and that stopped for a week but I have a couple more coming up […]

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August Sephora Play

Hiya, We are moving right along with the next in my subscription reviews with My Play! by Sephora. This month’s theme is Your Beauty Sidekicks, which I dig cause we all need them. The fold-out is this superhero goodness and I really love it. We still get this plastic bag this one is more of […]

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August Ipsy Glam Bag.

Hello, I’m forever delayed and literally missed a whole week. Mental Health took me out and I had to take it to heal so it was worth it. Now here we are with the subscription reviews of the month. Starting as always with my Ipsy bag. This month’s theme is Bare Yourself, which is self-explanatory. […]

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Jan Sephora Play

Hey! It’s Thursday and I’m posting super weird I know!  I  realized that  Friday was actually February and didn’t want to post a  January Subscription then. I screwed this up somehow but not really so here we go to finish up January! I got my Sephora box last week and jumped right into testing and […]

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September Sephora Play!

Continuing this last week of the month with my Sephora Play! box. I am going to continue on with adding the prices and the link to these products. I really like it since we are all on a budget and honestly, it’s a bummer to hear about a  great product only for it to be […]

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May Sephora Play box Review.

Yup here is another one that  was from May…. I  love this  box too. This is why it is  worth the look back at it. I promise it’s  worth it. I wouldn’t  bother if the  box was a complete bunch of  shit. May’s Play! by Sephora  box theme was The Rising Stars! My favorite  thing about […]

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