October Play! by Sephora

Hi, I know I’m late but I was busy. So here we are at the end of the month with the review of my Sephora play box. I am going to change it up this month and not post product information after the product review cause I don’t feel like it. Here we go. This […]

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UDxGOT Palette

Hello, So here we are at the end of the week. This is the last of my reviews of the Urban Decay and Game of Thrones Collection. It’s been a fun week and I have really enjoyed this collection since I’m a huge fan of the show. Fun Fact about me. I didn’t start watching […]

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UDxGOT Vice Lipstick

Hiya, Every makeup collection needs lipstick and if you read this blog or know me then you know I love lipstick. So I was super excited when they announced these 4. I did panicked cause I was only able to get  3 at first and then the Dany one came back in stock so I […]

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UDxGOT eyeliner

Hello, So if you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you are aware of the show ending last night. While I’m still trying to process it and how I feel about the ending. I decided to start reviewing this collection from Urban Decay this week. I didn’t want to rush through it just […]

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April Sephora Play!

Hiiiiiii, Carrying on with my subscription with my Play! By Sephora box. This month’s theme is winning beauty. The fold out is a bingo board which is pretty cute. I was sad that I couldn’t win with this though since I’ve not done enough of these. I need to step up my game in a […]

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October Play! by Sephora.

Finishing up this week with the Play Box, which I was afraid wouldn’t happen because it only arrived a  few days ago. This is what I get for moving up my subscription week since it’s Halloween next week. This months theme was Scary-Good Beauty, which I dig so much. This fold-out gives you tips and […]

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UD Troublemaker set

Honestly, I have sat down to type up this post several times and just didn’t. I’m not sure why cause this isn’t a terrible palette or anything. I think I was just stuck. This is the Troublemaker set that has a lovely palette and a mascara. I always dig the packaging on  Urban Decay products. […]

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Naked Palette

Finally, I have an actual product of the week again. As most of you all have Urban Decay is discounting their Naked Palette. This palette first launched in  2010 to give beauty lovers a set of traditional neutral colors to wear for every day. While also allowing them to be manipulated to create something more […]

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