Summer Walmart Beauty Box.

Hiya, I got this box a  while back and lost it in cleaning my office. It got shoved to the side since I have been all over the place the last bit. When I got it I was getting over a cold and being sick in general. Plus there is one product in it that […]

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Winter Walmart Beauty Box

Hey! So I know what you’re thinking. I thought you reviewed all your subscription box for last month.  Well, I did but this is a  seasonal one so I delayed it. Also, I needed to review the Fall one before this one. So here we all finishing out my  Walmart Beauty box week. It came […]

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Fall Walmart Beauty Box

Well Hello! So I have been taking my damn time on reviewing this thing. This is the Walmart Fall Beauty Box.  Honestly, I have tried to finish up this post for a  while now but for some reason, it won’t load up for me. I had to open it in a completely different browser. I […]

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Summer Walmart Beauty Box

So for months, I have heard about this Walmart Beauty box and finally decided to check it out. I ordered in just enough time to get the Summer box. I will tell you it takes a couple weeks to actually ship and process the box so It may not come for a while if you do […]

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Equate Makeup Remover Wipes

I’ve been buying stuff lately either random or needed things when I come across them. So when I was at Walmart a couple weeks ago I grabbed these. Which was something I needed, I always like to have makeup wipes around. It’s something about having an already ready wipe to take off your makeup that’s […]

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African Black Soap

The past couple of weeks I’ve heard a lot of talk about African Black Soap and how amazing it is. So I came across this at  Walmart and decided to give it a  try. This one is the Equate brand so it’s cheaper than most. I think I only paid like $3 for this one. […]

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Charcoal Modeling Peel Off Mask

So I have recently been trying out some charcoal products. This week I will be reviewing those.  Starting off with a mask I found. This is a random Charcoal mask I got from Walmart for like 2 bucks.   It’s a  simple mask with easy instructions. It comes with the powder, a spatula, and a […]

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